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Department of  Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

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Madga mohamad Aly



Dr: Magda M. Aly
Associated Prof. KAAU.
M.Sc. : 1991
Ph.D. : 1997.


  • 1985

    Bachelor degree from البيولوجيFaclty of Science, Tanta univeristy, طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 1991

    Master degree from MycobiologyScience, Tanta, طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 1997

    Doctorate degree from BiologyFaculty of Science, Tanta Uni, Tanta, مصــــــــر


  • 1985-1991

    ِAdminstrator, Tanta Univeristy , طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 1991-1993

    Assistant Lecture, Tanta university, طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 1993-1997

    Assistant Pro, Nancy University, نانسي, فـرنـــــسا

  • 1997-2004

    Assistant Proph, Tanta university, طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 2004-2006

    Associated , Tanta university, طنطا, مصــــــــر

  • 2006-حاليا

    Associated prof, King AbdAziz Univeristy, جده, المملكة العربية السعودية

Research Interests

I- Isolation and identification of bacteria
2- Isolation of polyenic and non polyenic antifungal agents , antitumors and and bacterail agents from bacteria
3- Isolation of some enzyme and enzyme inhibitors from bacteria
4- Degradation of some toxic material by bacteria

Scientific interests

Isolation of bacteria from different sources , purification, maintaince and purification using different techniques in addition to studying  their importance

Production of material which have medical importance from actinomycetes, marine and soil bacteria.

Studying the mode of action of the different antifungal agents  on the living bacteria or fungi.

Degradation of different  pollutant  by bacteria.

Production of different enzymes from bacteria


Bacteria 331 BIo
Princeples of systematics of Microbiology 334 بيو
ٍystematic of bacteria 630 بيو
Special topics 738 Bio 738
Seminar 2 901 بيو 901
Master degree 792 بيو 792

Areas of expertise